About Restless Heart

Simply put, Restless Heart Ministries exists to provide resources for weary and hurting people in need of spiritual, emotional and physical rest, so that they may lead renewed lives of faith in God, hope in His word, and love for others.


Founded in 2014, Restless Heart seeks to help individuals, couples and families through the operation of a small retreat center and its gardens, professional counseling and spiritual guidance, and the management of a biblical resources website. This ministry works hand-in-hand with the local church and professional counselors, offering itself as a resource to help weary and hurting people.


Restless Heart Ministries is located in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas and is operated by John Newton, a Dallas Seminary alum and ordained pastor, and his wife, Shannon, a licensed professional counselor (MS, LPC). If you are interested in partnering with the Newtons as they seek to impact lives for Christ, please contact John and Shannon through the Contact Us page.