Our Vision

For Restless Heart Ministries,

  • We envision a physical place where emotionally and spiritually weary people can find healing through counseling, discipleship, prayer and physical rest. This place will be a small retreat center, set outside of the cityscape in a quiet, tranquil atmosphere.

  • We desire that this retreat center have a low operating cost that will allow it to minister to more people without burdening guests. We will offer low-cost or free activities to guests. This retreat center will be a resource to be used by pastors, counselors and church leaders — a place they can send or bring individuals, families or small groups to find rest, encouragement and healing. We envision this place to be available for low-income individuals or families. We desire for this place to be free from distractions.

  • We envision a mighty garden — a place with fruit trees, vegetable plants and flowers. The food would be used to feed the guests and to provide for local individuals in need. We envision a place that is self-sustaining, utilizing alternative energy sources and Creation-sensitive design.

  • We envision a website that provides resources and links for those who are burned out, stressed out or wandering. This site is specifically targeted to those who need to find grounding in God’s word when life’s stress seems overwhelming.