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Retreat Center

We hope to establish a small retreat center in the mountains of Northwest Arkansas, a place where hurting or stressed individuals can rest, find healing and focus on God. We hope to offer both professional and lay counseling and biblical instruction in a peaceful environment.

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Ozark Beauty

We believe that God has embedded evidence of Himself in His Creation and that His works can minister to the heart and calm the spirit. We hope to use these natural resources to aid in the counsel and ministry of those who come to the retreat center.

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A Place of Counsel

We hope our retreat center can be used by mature Christians to minister to the specific needs of those they care about, from intensive counsel to spiritual renewal. Above all, we hope our ministry can provide rest and refreshment for anyone toiling in this busy, stressful world.

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Fruit & Flower Gardens

We plan to develop vegetable, fruit and flower gardens that not only provide food for the retreat center but also serve to help people hurting in our community. From the garden may also come opportunities for craft products.

We cannot do this alone. We are looking for people who will partner with us in making the retreat center a reality. If you are interested in joining our team, or know of resources that could help our ministry, please contact us through this website's contact page.