There Be Monsters! Faith, Fear & the Arms of God

Have you ever come face to face with a ferocious monster? You know, the kind of villainous, malicious, delicious… err… knee-knocking, pants-wetting, truly terrifying creature who stalks your dreams and watches from behind spooky gnarled trees in the thick of the forest kind of monster? Monsters are scary and there are real problems to face. But it is wise to face them with a heart of faith, whether you have walked with God forty years or forty days.

Learning to Stop in the Midst of Madness

Throughout the course of my life, my restless heart has constantly battled the ever-present tendencies to worry about tomorrow. I seem hard-wired to worry, as if it is my internal operating system — “OS John 10.1.” I lose sleep regularly, especially if I have a big event ahead. I think of every scenario that might possibly happen… and even those that have no realistic chance of happening! And I worry about them all. But they rarely come true.